We believe that the Upper Amazon, the communities and ecosystems it supports are too important to lose. We are working on a series of projects at local, national and international levels to show why the Marañon River is more valuable in it’s free flowing state than stagnating behind a series of unsustainable mega-dams.



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Advocacy & Starting a movement in Peru

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetWe are running a grass-roots advocacy campaign in Peru to (re)connect the people of Peru with the river, and show the whole of Peru why these places are worth saving. Our team of young Peruvian activists are disseminating facts and creating interest in this issue. Working under NGO Conservamos por Naturaleza, we have a solid foundation from which to launch this campaign.

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Remando Juntos Expedition & Film

IMG_1754A 3 week raft journey down Rio Marañon on which we will create a film to share the river, its communities and natural beauty through the eyes of our young Peruvian team. This video will be used to further our campaign in Peru and educate people about this issue. An english version of the film will be used to create international awareness & as a call to action to source funds so that advocacy efforts in Peru can continue into 2016.

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Creating International Awareness

DSC01756With every international volunteer we bring into this project, we create a new community that knows about, and has the ability to do something about this issue. As they complete their fundraising, reaching out to thousands of people, a side effect is that people now know that Rio Marañon, source of the Amazon is in danger. This helping us to create a network of people who care for this river and can help make a stand.

The western version of the film we create will create awareness on an international level. Building an international community is a key step if we require funds to continue the campaign in 2016, or if we launch a lawsuit showing that these dams are not legal.

Project Goals:

  • Advocate for the conservation of Rio Marañon & create greater awareness of this issues throughout the Peru. Show the people of Peru what is at stake.
  • Target all levels from grassroots to government in order to initiate discussions on energy development in Peru, especially in relation to Río Marañon & the Amazon basin. Find out the facts and disseminate this information.
  • Inspire & build capacity in our team of young Peruvians to better understand and advocate environmental & social issues in the future. Create a community with an interest in protecting the Rio Marañon.

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. If Jake Risch reads this: “Go for it, Jake!” I have been on the Upper Amazon twice…1972 and 2010. Huge changes just in my lifetime. SAVE WHAT YOU CAN. EVERYTHING THERE IS GOING TO HELL, particularly the wildlife with any potentially “savable” size (jaguars, snakes). All the good stuff is either killed-off or in zoos…leaving a decimated mess. Doten

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