A video & A logo – I need feedback!

I was alone, house sitting a friends riverside paradise (Tierra Langla) when a Russian guy walked down the drive, randomly visiting to hang out for a few days (it’s that kind of place). He played beautiful guitar & decent flute too, and I was able to hack away on the harmonica. He had a little sound recorder in his backpack thus the story of the soundtrack to this video. Our guitar jam was nicer, but it didn’t really suit this video.

I do wish I had a better voice for narration… When I wrote this, in my head it had the voice of Red as in Shawshank Redemption, that was way cooler.

I made this video to try and convey my thoughts as we journeyed around the villages of the Marañon back in March.  If people are healthy & happy, I really can’t understand what a more ‘developed’ lifestyle has to offer. I’m not super happy with the final edit, but just needed to get it done.

A Logo! Maybe? Can you give me your feedback please!

After no luck finding a reliable graphic designer to work in the team, I have gradually been learning  the basics. I have had an idea for a Paddling with Purpose logo for a while. Finally I decided just to try and make something myself.  This is the end result of what I came up with. I would really like some feedback, because I am not a graphic designer and don’t really know where to take it from here. Is it complete what do you think?



Can you give me feedback on this logo? Don’t scroll below the feedback box until you have given feedback!

 What do you see in the logo, what elements does it include? What message does it send to you If you have experience in Graphic Design, what can I do to improve this design? Is it finished? 

Ok, now that you have given me your unbiased feedback, you can scroll further down. Thanks!
You can see below the process I went through to arrive at this logo, these are some of the iterations it went through. I really like some of these earlier designs, with more elements. However I also think they are too complex to be a logo… I arrived at the design above in a bid to simplify these, but try to retain the important elements (kayak, yin-yang for balance & harmony), we lost the trees, the waves and the rivers though…



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