[Project Update] – Overview


Kuyapanakuy Festival

A very broad project update here, an overview of the last 6 months of project growth & major developments.

November – Current: Our team of 8 young Peruvians have been working on the ‘Remando Juntos‘ project since November 2014. Most of this so far has been behind the scenes research and planning, however in the last few weeks we have delivered our first few presentations, and attended various events. In the coming weeks we will launch the first major campaign to begin teaching people about the Marañon River. Check out this video to see a sneak peek translated version of the materials we are creating for the campaign.

December-February I ran a campaign to find a team of international volunteer raft guides to guide on the July 2015 expedition, and complete some fundraising to cover further expedition costs. I received more than 60 applications and thus was able to select a super team which also has many additional skills and interest in this project, aside from just guiding. This interest & dedication has opened up many new opportunities for the project, and the team continues to exceed the original goal of just covering basic expedition expenses and helping to guide us through the expedition.

With so many high quality applicants, I was able to create a another expedition with a more local focus, to teach young people from the dam affected villages basic kayaking and rafting skills, experience the river in a new way and develop a broader understanding of the issue affecting the region.

viaje-31March – May, working with the international volunteers to each complete their own crowd funding campaigns, we have raised $25k USD ($8k for May expedition, $17k for July), and it is likely we will raise a further $10-20k before July, of which we will stretch every cent as far as possible. We will continue to fundraise, and now have more leverage in terms of production value & profile to approach larger organisations for sponsorship.

$8k will cover the training expedition costs. The other $17-30k will cover July Expedition costs, a short film, and various campaign activities. (See budget).
A large portion of this funding will go towards a short film to highlight the issue and will be promoted throughout Peru, with subtitled english versions also released overseas. The Remando Juntos team will use this for educational and fundraising purposes in the future.

The past week I have interviewed directors from South America who applied to take over film direction. While we do not have a lot to offer them financially (we have a tiny budget in film terms), there is a lot of interest out there for this kind of interesting, good willed movement; therefore we will get quite far using in kind donations which boost total project value by at least another $100k (conservative estimate). I look forward to announcing a new director in the coming weeks.

This is the new logo. Thanks everyone who gave feedback on my other designs and helped with the process!


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