Statement 10/6/2015

Tuesday 10th June, 2015
After lunch in town of El Muyo 9/6/2015, 3 experienced kayakers decided to run a 200m section of creek, from the road bridge in El Muyo down to the creek confluence with the Maranon River.
A kayaker swam towards the end of the section, he made it to shore safely but his boat continued into the Maranon River.
The kayaker was assessed for any injury, and decision made to reassemble the group until everyone was ready to continue down river. The kayak could be recovered later, or losing the kayak is an acceptable risk when creeking.
The group made to reassemble, and finalise lunch and departure of 2 group members from the town of El Muyo.
Paddling with Purpose group member Egler Jhuliño Hauman Human (Peruvian, 18) was not at the site of the incident.
It is assumed that he learned from local people that the kayak had floated into the Maranon. He immediately got on the back of a motor bike of a boy from El Muyo and headed downstream. He did not communicate with any other member of the group before departing.
Approximately 45 minutes passed before any group member learned that he had departed on the back of the motorbike.
It was assumed that Jhuliño was somewhere between El Muyo and Montenegro (15km downstream) It was assumed that he was on the road alongside the river waiting for the group or communicating with communities further downstream that use wooden boats to cross the river.
He did not have a life jacket, helmet or any other piece of equipment with him.
After reassembling the group continued downstream.
The boy with the motorbike and Jhuliño sighted the kayak. Jhuliño entered the river in pursuit.
Jhuliño was last seen by the boy with the motorbike, on top of the upside down kayak, paddling it like a surfboard. He rounded a bend, the boy lost sight of Jhuliño.
The boy found the kayak downstream in an eddy shortly afterward.
The boy went back upstream and related this information to the group when they passed.
The group continued downstream with haste, searching and asking local people beside the river the final 10km to Montenegro.
The group arrived at Montenegro without any further information. The boy with the motorbike and his mother were there waiting.
Members of the group went upstream, asking locals for any sign of Jhuliño. Upon arrival back in El Muyo they immediately notified the Peruvian National police of the situation.
They went with police to search & ask assistance from riverside communities.
The search is continues today with coordination between police, local community leaders and group members.
All other members of the group are safe and accounted for, albeit with extremely heavy hearts.
More information will be updated here when it becomes available.

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