Update 12/6/15

Wednesday 10th June: Day started with police following up village rumours that Jhuliño was found alive on the other side of the river. These were false.
Members of the team coordinated with representatives of Awajún communities and village chiefs living in the area to be on the lookout and inform authorities of any news.
Members of the team continued the search on river by kayak.
Team made its way to Bagua Chica late that evening.

Thursday 11th June: From Bagua Chica members of team coordinated further with locals, with the national police and with representative organisations of native Awajún communities and key contacts throughout Peru.
Group members investigated the possibility of entering the jungle pongos section of river below the incident to continue the search.It was deemed too great a risk for foreigners or Peruvians to enter this area with the current social situation.
Messages were sent out through local radio stations to communicate with the most remote communities on the river.
Local people were sent to wait and watch at certain locations alongside the river where lost things were known to gather.

Family arrived in Bagua late afternoon. Entire group travelled immediately with family to El Muyo.

Police in El Muyo informed group a body had been found near Imacita, approximately 60km downstream of where Jhuliño entered  the river.

2 Members of the family accompanied by 3 members of the group travelled to Imacita to identify the body. Positive identification was made around midnight.
The body was transported to the morgue in Bagua Chica, arriving approximately 4am Friday.

Friday 12 and Onwards: Arrangements are being made to transport Jhuliño back to his village of Tupén. Members of the group are providing support to family members and each other in whatever way is possible.

The family and several members of the group will accompany Jhuliño’s body back to the village of Tupén, where a ceremony will be held in coming days.

It is with extremely heavy hearts we share this news about our friend Jhuliño, however we are grateful for the closure this will provide the family.
A little brother to all of us, Always the first to smile and share a laugh, Jhuliño we will forever remember the beautiful days shared with you on this journey. Your strength and your happiness will never be forgotten.

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