From the Source

I had had my eye on this section for a long time now, and almost pulled out of it due to the events of the last months. After getting back to Lima, I knew I couldn’t stay in the city, that the river was the only place I wanted to be. It was great to get out there with a couple of mates, working together to overcome challenges as they came up, life was simple – only one way to go; nothing could be better for mental or physical health. A great way to find peace and make sense of it all.

Jake, Adam and I completed a source descent of the Marañon (Nick, Daphnee, April, Krista and Paul joined us on day 10 at Putcka). From Laguna Carhuacocha (4200m elevation) we dropped 3000 vertical m over 20 days to reach Chagual. This was a classic section of whitewater. Great rapids, epic portages, stunning scenery and incredibly friendly people along the way. I can’t wait to do it again! It was incredible to see the river grow from a trickle at the lake which we could barely float our boats in, to the raging torrent that flows through the canyons below. From creeking to big water, this section has it all. Many communities along the way were excited to see us go by, many unaware of what is happening to their local river. There is little knowledge of how much this river will change if the plans go ahead. We passed one dam construction at Morigel (2900m elevation) which is well under way, and witnessed many other dam survey crews studying the potential dam sites to gain approvals in the future.

Here are some of my photos, sorry no time right now to share the stories- we got back just in time to spend 4 days organising food, equipment and logistics for the next 18 day stretch – the Remando Juntos journey. Tonight we embark on that adventure.Jake has written an excellent article on our journey, which I will share when we get back in August.

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