Can we make it?

I’m not sure if it will happen or not. I think really positive things will come from it if it does, but initially there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of interest out there. The idea was a good one, but maybe we’re not good enough at communicating it, or maybe people just simply aren’t interested or it’s not worth it.

We’ve launched Remando Juntos II through the Marañón Waterkeeper, the second journey down the river where we hope to take a group of upcoming Peruvian environmentalists and give them first hand taste of what is at stake if 20 dams are constructed on the source of the Amazon. To do it we need the support of the international community. We’re looking for a few people who want to join us on the journey and help make it a reality.

We’re offering the chance to become a founder of a movement. To experience the river in a completely unique, purposeful and unforgettable way. To be a part of a rafting trip from which hundreds of positive actions will spring. To potentially change someones life. I know that my first multi-day experience on the river was life changing, and that was on a tiny, boney creek in South-East Australia; nothing compared to the Marañón (but still really beautiful!), the Amazon’s greatest tributary. That’s why I believe so much in this project, that’s why I love taking new people onto the river.


If there are people out there who want to be a part of this, I hope they get in contact and make some noise so we can make it happen. If not, it might just end up being one of those ideas that never made it off the ground.

We’re working to complete other more formal projects to help protect the river such as legal support, education programs and the film. I think these will have a big impact, but on a personal level I feel like the Remando Juntos project has the chance to create the biggest ripple in a way that is not logical, obvious or intuitive. It’s like planting a seed, you don’t know how big it will grow, or what other seeds might drop in the future. It would be nice for a huge community to gather and say to the powers that be, nope, were protecting this river whether you like it or not. We’re doing everything we can.

I still believe that a week on the river can change everything; or at least inspire changes in someones life that can reach far and wide; and I think this journey will be an unforgettable time for everyone involved.

If you are interested,






One thought on “Can we make it?

  1. Great idea and great action! It is obvious that you know what you are doing – all other things are good and fine, but spending a week or so on the River makes everything happen as this is when and where the passion is born. Guys, just go there, go in the raft and make this happen for You, the River, the Wildlife and the Locals.. Once this is over you will spontaneously feel the duty to protect this amazing River and just memories of that magical week will keep you going when the going gets tough! Believe me 😉

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