Protest & Party: Welcome to BRT

One thing for sure is its going to be a kickass month on the Balkan Rivers Tour with Balkan Rivers Defence through September and October. If last weekend is anything to judge by it will be filled with lively artistic actions, stunning rivers and good times to celebrate rivers running free. I won’t write too much about it, because these videos and photos are worth more than a thousand words.

After arriving into beautiful Slovenia, we spent the next few days getting ready, setting up for the On-River action and the afterparty. On the day, it was a matter of herding cats and trying to keep rafts at the gathering point until we had gathered critical mass to take the necessary photos and video; no easy feat. There was a huge turnout to the event with 300 people on the water to demonstrate against dams on Soča and Učja rivers. Everyone gathered in the evening for Slovenia’s first ‘Beer Mile’ race, to watch the film ‘Blue Heart’ and then to shake it down to the steezy tunes of Slovenian Ska Band.

Sunshine, whitewater, flotilla, beer running and live ska music, we made an epic weekend at the Balkan Rivers Tour 3 | Pre-Party celebrating the Soča and Učja rivers, telling $€NG to cancel plans to dam them!

BRT3 Pre-Party in numbers:
300 FLOTILLA PARTICIPANTS from 23 countries
300 SIGNATURES on an open letter to SENG
50 RACERS in the first Beer Mile in Slovenija
1000+ Bevog BEERS consumed

I even made it onto Slovenian News, when a journalist asked me what i thought about this all. In case you don’t speak Slovenian: ” And all this can be summed up by one Australian tourist who instantly fell in love with Soča River.”
See report here, hehe…

If you can make it join us in the Balkans in September and October for more actions; if not follow along on social media: Search for Balkan River Defence.

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