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Remando Juntos Advocacy

Remando Juntos

Remando Juntos

Our Peruvian team ‘Remando Juntos’ has been working hard since they formed in November 2014. They are creating a media & grass-roots advocacy campaign to bring attention to these issues, educate Peruvians about the impacts, and create a community which can defend the Marañon River.

See the Remando Juntos facebook page from mid April onwards, when our campaign really starts to heat up. We will also be launching a website, and sharing information through the Conservamos por Naturaleza platform.

The Remando Juntos team is youthful, energetic and motivated. As a side benefit of this project, we will leave a legacy in them which will help to defend the natural and social heritage of Peru into the future.

Remando Juntos Key Activities

  • Social Media campaign
  • Grass Roots events
  • Create media attention
  • Develop partnerships & alliances in all levels of society.
  • Work with and lobby government to stop these dam projects.
  • Remando Juntos Expedition in July, 2015.

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