Ben’s Paddling Forecast 2015

For anyone who might be in the region, or is thinking about it. I firmly believe that everyone should always do more paddling, therefore I will help make that happen however I can, with advice, contacts or by jumping on the river with you. Because I am running this PwP project & leading the team, sometimes I just need to knuckle down for a few days and do internet stuff, but in between those times, I am keen to be on the river. If your thinking of visiting Peru, do it. No shortage of year round, quality boating, and always someone to paddle with.

Early 2015: After snatching up creeky lines around Pucon it will be time to head south to Futa, then maybe even Baker.

Feb? March? April? Will need to spend some time around Lima running the advocacy project & getting things together. If anyone is keen for a high-water Marañon run, I could be tempted. When I say I will be in Lima, I actually mean I will be hanging out in Lunahuana, doing laps of the beautiful Rio Cañete & visiting Huancaya; only going to Lima when I need to have a meeting.

May / June: There is a good chance of some stunning kayaking on the INCREDIBLE Colca and Cotahuasi. Water levels will be prime in May. Each takes about a week, depending which sections we would want to do. (Class IV fun sections are 3-5 days, the Upper class V canyons add a couple more days). They are right next to each other, so you can go and hit them one after the other.

May/June: Potential Clean up of the Maranon trip, with aim of removing plastic and rubbish that is littering the sides.

Late June: Source Marañon (kayak only, mostly easy paddling): Starting around Cordillera Huayhuash at over 4000m, stunning but not too difficult. We would keep paddling straight into the next section of the Maranon

Late June/Early July: Upper Upper Marañon (Kayak only, class IV-V) 5-7 days: We would keep paddling straight into the next section of the Maranon.

Early July: Upper Marañon (Raftable Section, mostly class IV) Need 8-10 days to do this with rafts. 3-4 days if it is only a kayak crew. We would paddle to the put-in at Chagual (where the PwP expedition will start) and have a few days to relax whilst logistics & last minute problems for the main PwP expedition are finalised.

July 18 – August 8 Remando Juntos / Paddling with Purpose Expedition: Lower Marañon

August 10/11 – Rio Utcumbamba (Class IV-V) It’s right near the take-out for the Marañon trip, it would be silly not to.

August / September: Too far away to know. I can suggest that the Apurimac and other rivers around Cusco are good to go, but it’s more likely that I will be around Lima somewhere to wrap up the PwP project.

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