We re looking for a director to tell our story. We have:

  • A team of young motivated Peruvians creating a campaign to save the Marañon River (Source of the Amazon) from being destroyed by a series of large scale dams.
  • A 3 week rafting expedition on which our Peruvian team will get to know local riverside communities and experience the majesty of ‘the Grand Canyon of South America.

Goal: To re-connect the the population centres of Peru with this river, its communities and natural beauty. These people hold the political power to save the river; they just need the motivation. This film will be in Spanish, with the aim to kickstart the anti-dam environmental movement here in Peru.

Current Idea: Follow the journey of our young team of activists from the cities of Lima and Cajamarca as they make their way down the river, connecting with the local communities & natural wonders. Capture their motivation to save this place, leverage this to motivate others. In an optimal world, we create the Spanish version of DamNation, stop the dams, and then all go home feeling really good that we saved the Amazon.

Background on the Project: This project is growing rapidly. Since November 2014 it has grown from 1 person, to a primary team of 10 in Peru working on the advocacy campaign and 15 international volunteers who are completing fundraising and who will be volunteering as skilled river guides on our expeditions in May and July.

The original idea was to create an amateur film using whatever resources we had. Our resources are growing rapidly, this is opening up new opportunities for someone with more experience and vision to take a leading role. We are looking to create a relationship which will help this project achieve the most it possibly can. If you have the time and motivation for this project, let’s work together to make an even bigger splash.

What we need from you: 

  • A time commitment to take a leading role and make the best production possible.
  • As a minimum, travel to Peru for the raft expedition. July 16 – August 7.


  • You will be available to participate in an advance expedition to get to know the locations and people involved. May 20- June 11.
  • You will be able to spend time in Lima working with our team to develop story and production & plan for the expedition in July. If not possible, a significant time investment planning & developing remotely before the expedition.
  • Speak Spanish.
  • Can work with and manage our Peruvian audiovisual team in the post production phases. A huge part of this project is to develop the skills in our young team of activists, so that next time the Amazon is going to get destroyed, they will be able to save it for themselves.

This project is very open for you to put in your own energy and direction. As mentioned, it is growing rapidly, so we are looking for someone who can foster this growth and take it to the next level. Anything is possible, we just need to find the way to make it happen. We currently have funding for the expedition, and a base level of funding for the production & promotion of this film. If we can demonstrate we have the capacity to deliver a higher quality production, we are confident in our ability to source the additional funds needed to support this- we just need the right person to facilitate this growth.

If this project interests you, reach out to vivomaranon[at] with some basic information about yourself, your reel, your motivation and your vision. 11088022_10155326350515463_908057009_o


Our team getting out there










One thought on “Director

  1. Yo soy video realizador peruano, lo podría hacer con Tamil Martino. Varias veces campeón bolivariano de SUP RACE

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