We appreciate each and every donation made, funds will be used to further promote the documentary that is in production and run the Remando Juntos Campaign.

We accept:

  1. Donations from the US. (Tax Deductible, Non Profit 501(c)(3))
  2. Direct through Paypal (Worldwide)
  3. Support our volunteers through Indiegogo
  4. Direct Australian Bank Transfer

1. US Tax Deductible Donations:

Make a US tax deductible to this cause by donating to Marañón Waterkeeper.

Click Here to be redirected to the Marañón Waterkeeper Donations Page

2. Paypal Direct Donation:

This can be done from anywhere in the world. Donations go direct to the Paddling with Purpose project.


3. Australian Bank Transfer

Account Name: Paddling With Purpose

BSB: 923100

Account Number: 84820390

More Information:

Please enquire if you are unsure of the best way to contribute. 100% of donations go towards the project, only paypal, credit card fees or bank transfer fees are deducted. If you wish to see articles of incorporation  and authorisation for the Peruvian NGO (SPDA) we are working under, we welcome any enquiry.