For long time I have been dreaming of ways in which I can combine my love of adventure, whitewater kayaking and desire to have a positive environmental impact. This is the result, and is something I will giving a huge amount of time and effort to.

I will be embarking on a huge, self powered journey over the Peruvian Andes, down  Río Marañon and into the Amazon. The main goal of this journey is to raise awareness and funding for protection of Río Marañon, the lifeblood of the Amazon. Once this journey is complete (and possibly during) I will be using these funds to achieve our conservation goals in Peru.

This is easily the largest and most ambitious adventure/project that I have ever dreamed up. It is a long way to even get to the beginning of this journey. I hope to find myself in a number of very interesting situations along the way; follow this blog by email or otherwise if you would like to keep up to date with what goes on.

If you would like to be part of the journey, there are numerous ways in which I would love to have you on board. Check out how you can support this project.

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