The Project.

This project is not an end point. It is not the ultimate goal, it is the beginning. It is something simple enough that I can comprehend what my role in it could be. Other opportunities will arise from this intention.

Goal: $10 000

How Funding will be Used:

There are so many ways that funding could be used, however for now I am going to focus on one simple, achievable goal. It is something that WE can actually achieve, and may lead to other opportunities to get involved. Bring residents from their homes on the Marañon to stage a protest outside the federal government government building, where it will be difficult to ignore them. They will not be stopped from participating, nor will corrupt authorities be a be able to use underhanded techniques to stop the message from getting out. For many of the residents of, this kind of journey  is simply affordable. At 1200km each way it is a long distance to go for a protest. The aim of the project will be to help with the transport and logistics of getting residents there and getting a protest up and running. An estimate of costs for transport of 50 people and accommodation for a few days is around $10 000. That said, whatever money we do raise will be used in the most efficient way possible. In the past locals have been denied access to protests and community consultations. How can the government claim to have implemented a transparent assessment of social and environmental values if they block certain people from having their say?


Freedom of Speech – Photo: Rocky Contos

I am sure this project will lead me to meet interesting people, and become involved in some unusual situations. Along with the blog on this site I will document using photography and film. It is likely that this will be the most interesting part of all my journey.