Further Reading

Why mega dams will not aid sustainable development, ecological and social implications. See articles specifically on dams in the Amazon and on Río Marañón

An excellent peer reviewed scientific article on dams in the Andean Amazon. How a more informed, planned approach to development in this watershed means that nearby countries can still harvest energy to meet their power needs, while avoiding damage to the most precious and fragile ecosystems.

Great article with links through to a far reaching peer reviewed cost analysis of large scale dams over the last century.

Macro scale look at planning and development throughout Amazonia.

Informative overarching article on cultural and environmental impacts. Detailed summary of situation as of  September, 2013

A not for profit organisation working to save the Maranon through advocacy, showing people its beauty and demonstrating that tourism can generate income and create jobs. Recreation on the Colorado River system in the US (the Grand Canyon) generates $6 billion per annum and creates 54 000 jobs in the state of Arizona.

A Look into the politics of Peru and formation of what would be a ‘Greens’ party

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