The Dream Project:

Find a small number of interested young people (17-23)from the capital of Peru, Lima. Give these people the opportunity to fully experience the Marañón River while it still runs in its natural state.
The raft journey will take us from the foothills of the Andes, through to the beginnings of the Amazon Jungle. There will be opportunities to sleep on isolated, pristine riverside beaches in the deep gorges of the Marañón; to speak with river dwelling communities and visit indigenous villages. This will be a truly incredible, eye opening, inspiring experience. To get an idea of the journey click here.

We will capture the journey in a short film. Record the physical and mental challenges, stunning scenery, and also the groups feelings regarding the uncertain future of this national treasure. This will be something that these people can take back to the city, back to their communities, back to their families and tell them – this is what we are allowing to be destroyed. There will also be an English version, which will be used to generate international support and awareness of this issue.

I cannot save the Río Marañón. It is not my country, it is not my fight. I do not have the capacity, connections or the cultural perspective to do so. But maybe, just maybe I can help find a group of people that can save it.
There is no failing in this project. No matter what these people go on to do, they will carry this incredible experience with them forever, it will impact every future decision. It is an investment. No one can say what it could grow into. These outcomes are intangible, they are completely priceless.

Project Outcomes:

  • Utilise pre-trip publicity surrounding a group of young people so motivated to undertake this challenge in order to highlight impacts of these dams.
  • Create an incredible life changing experience for a group of young people.
  • Short film highlighting what will be lost if development on the Río Marañón is not re-assessed.
  • Create a community of people in Lima that have a vested interest in the future of the river.
  • Provide support so this community will grow.
  • Create an interface and group of spokespeople for this issue within the capital.
  • Build capacity in a group of young people who will have a unique perspective of Peru’s environmental and social challenges.

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