Remando Juntos Expedition


Stunning Marañon

Stunning Marañon River

The Remando Juntos Expedition forms a major part of our Remando Juntos Advocacy efforts in Peru.  The overall project based in grassroots advocacy to (re)connect the people of Peru with the river, and show the whole of Peru why these places are worth saving. When this project was launched in 2013, almost no Peruvians knew about plans to construct a series of mega dams on the Marañon or why this would be environmentally, socially and economically irresponsible; we are changing this.

In July our Remando Juntos team will complete a 3 week raft expedition down the Marañon; on which we will complete the following objectives:

  • Create a film following the journey of our young team in their mission to save Rio Marañon.
  • Give presentations & up to date information to people about impacts of the dam projects.
  • Develop working relationships between the Remando Juntos advocacy team and leaders within dam affected communities.

In addition to these outcomes, this expedition serves as a rallying point and gives unquantifiable inspiration/ motivation to our team members. Without this expedition, the Remando Juntos team would never have formed, or put in the efforts needed to make this project what it is today. We predict that the expedition,  meeting the local people and seeing the natural wonders will be an eye-opening experience for each of our volunteers. We hope this will inspire them to continue working in defence of the Marañon into the future.


The story will follow our young Peruvian team of activists on their journey to protect this important river. A major part of this story will take part on the 3 week expedition whilst the team is meeting local communities & seeing the natural beauty of the canyons for themselves. The story will also feature our team of international volunteer river guides who are making this whole project possible.

There will be both Spanish and English versions (or seperate edits) of the film.

The Spanish version will be circulated in Peru and Latin America in order to create greater awareness about what is happening on the Marañon.

The English version will be circulated through international audiences, highlighting the stewardship of our international river guides, and how small communities hold the power to impact big issues.

Short Videos:

As part of the Remando Juntos campaign in Peru, we are sharing the voices of dam affected communities. This is the first example of our work, shot and filmed by the Remando Juntos team in March 2015.

International Volunteers:

This project would not be possible without our committed team of volunteer raft guides and safety kayakers. No only are they donating their time to guide on this river journey, they are individually fundraising to help cover costs of this expedition and film production. It is inspiring to see that this project is made possible by everyday paddlers stepping up and doing what they can to protect one of the most important rivers in the world.

Meet the team



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