Sierra Rios Donations

Make a US Tax Deductible Donation through Sierra Rios Non Profit:

If you are making a donation to SierraRios nonprofit between January 2015-August 2015, your donation will go toward funding the Paddling With Purpose project unless specified otherwise. Donations to SierraRios nonprofit may be made in several ways:
After completing one of the methods below, please send an email to to confirm your donation amount. 

(1) PayPal :

Make the transfer to

(2) Direct Bank Transfer:

If you have a Wells Fargo branch near you, you can also make a deposit free of charge into the account: SierraRios Nonprofit # 6020 01 7171. This can be for any amount.

(3) Surepay:

If you have a Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase bank account, you can make a transfer online free of charge using SurePay to make a transfer to SierraRios nonprofit Wells Fargo account # 6020 01 7171. SurePay allows transfers of up to $2000 at a time.

(4) Check:

Make out to SierraRios nonprofit and mail to SierraRios Nonprofit, 5071 Constitution Rd., San Diego, CA 92117

(5) Transferwise:

This transfer method usually has low fees, and is especially useful for international money transfers. Go to the Transferwise site and login (or create an account if you don’t have one). Make the transfer to SierraRios nonprofit; Wells Fargo Bank [4725 Clairemont Dr.; San Diego, CA, 92117; 858-483-1395]; account name: SierraRios; account # 6020 01 7171 ; routing # 122 000 248

(6) Wire Transfer:

For large international money transfers (from outside of the USA), this is the best method. Go to your bank, and request a wire transfer to the following account: Wells Fargo Bank; 4725 Clairemont Dr.; San Diego, CA, 92117; 858-483-1395; account name: SierraRios LLC; account # 6020 01 7171 ; SWIFT # WFBIUS6S .

(7) Credit Card (via PayPal): Click here:

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