The Dream Journey

It All Started With A Simple Idea

Yerupajá - Birthplace of the Amazon

Yerupajá – Birthplace of the Amazon

Coming up with the idea for this is a journey is what grabbed my imagination and turned my attention towards Rio Maranon. I would still love to complete, though somewhere along the way got wonderfully sidetracked into the Paddling With Purpose project as it is today. I would like to complete this journey in late 2014, however will need to find crew of kayakers with the skill and motivation to be able to complete the high altitude section; Laguna Carhuacocha (4100m) to Puente Copuma.


1) Cycle Up the hill: 3 Weeks

Cycle up the Andes: An indirect route with Substantial elevation gain.

Cycle from the coast near Lima, Peru, high into Andes to the the source of the Amazon.

The aim of this leg is to travel slowly and connect with local people along the way. Gain a local perspective on developments occurring throughout the Andes. If locals are interested, explore ways in which they can have their views known.

On this leg I will carry a minimal set of gear, just enough to provide self sufficiency when it is needed. I don’t want to be carrying too much luggage over a 4000m pass in the Andes….

2) Hike to the source – 1 week

In the shadow of Yerupajá, Hike to one of the uppermost sources of the Amazon River. Follow this downstream until there is enough water to paddle.

3) The Hard Part – 1 week

Paddle from Laguna Carhuacocha (4100m) to Puente Copuma (2100m) – Río Nupe into Río Marañón

Still just a stream

Still just a stream

Total elevation drop over this section is approximately 2000m. This steep run consists of solid class IV-V  boating at altitude. To complete this run will require a huge amount of training and hard work. I will also need to find a crew with the skill, motivation and time to head out there.


4) Grand Canyon of South America: 4 weeks

Paddle from Puente Copuma – Imacita on Río Marañón: 600km

30 day Raft Supported Journey through the Grand Canyon of South America

30 day Raft Supported Journey through the Grand Canyon of South America – Sierrarios

This is what captured me and drew my focus to Peru. The Grand Canyon of South America, Río Marañón.

To paddle it before it is too late, there is not much time.

30 days of stunning class III-V kayaking, with rafts support to carry all the luxuries. Campfires, stars, guitar, good food and great company. Un-cataloged Incan ruins, hot springs and incredible hikes and canyons on the side. 30 days on river, no cars, no roads no interruptions will be a truly incredible journey.

Sunrise Maranon

Sunrise in the Maran Valley

I am inviting anyone and everyone to join me on one of these journeys; all levels of experience and skill will be catered for. You can join a trip for a couple of weeks, or for the full month. Simply by coming you will aid the conservation effort enormously.

If you are remotely considering this, please contact me and I will convince you to come if you need any persuasion.

For more information on these trips, see or contact me.

5) Into the Amazon – Unknown Amount of Time

Paddle onwards to the Amazon River: Distance Undetermined

The Amazon

The Amazon

Paddle for an undetermined amount of time onto the Amazon River. Since childhood the name alone has kindled images of toxic fluorescent frogs, giant spiders and piranha.

This is probably the scariest proposition of this entire trip. No not for the aforementioned reasons, simply because this would involve a SIGNIFICANT amount of time on flat water.

The original idea was to paddle Summit to Sea, finishing in Brazil. However I have been informed that this is incredibly dangerous, yes because of the previously listed reasons; however more so because there are people along the way with guns, and they will shoot you. Hiring an escort vessel for is prohibitively expensive, not to mention just silly considering the idea would have been to complete a self powered journey, coast to coast. So all in all I don’t think I will go the whole way.

(Sighs to himself; that is a perfect excuse to forego 6 months of flat water paddling!)

This is a decent amount of effort to go to, maybe you could sign the petition, or make a donation to support this cause?

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